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The Dashboard

Today Sales & Income & Expenses & Profit This Week Sales & Purchases Top Selling Products This Month & Year Top five Customers Payment Sent & Received Recent Sales EASY POS : Best POS system Gorgeous invoice design Discount & Tax Option & Shipping Search Item By Code & Name Filter by Category , Brand PRODUCTS : Add, edit, delete & view Products Export Products as Pdf & Excel Import Products by csv Adjustment Quantity Transfer Stock Print Barcode Products QUOTATIONS : Add, edit, delete & view Quotations Generate sale from quotation Export Quotations as Pdf & Excel Download as pdf Send Quotation Pdf on mail SALES : Add, edit, delete & view sales add, edit, delete Payments Export Sales as Pdf & Excel Download as pdf Send Sale Pdf on mail


Add, edit, delete & view Purchases Payments (add, edit, delete) Export Purchases as Pdf & Excel Download as pdf Send Purchase Pdf on mail RETURNS SALES & PURCHASES : Add, edit, delete & view Returns Payments (add, edit, delete) Export Returns as Pdf & Excel Download as pdf Send Return Pdf on mail


Add, edit, delete & view users, assign roles Add, edit, delete & view customers & suppliers Export Users & customers & suppliers as Pdf & Excel Import Customers & Suppliers by csv file REPORTS : Overview & warehouse stock charts Product quantity & expiry alerts Payments Reports profit/loss purchase & Sales report Customers, suppliers reports


Edit Logo, Company Name , Email Etc … Edit SMTP Server for Mail Notification Edit user profile, change password Create roles for users Add, edit, delete & view Currencies Add, edit, delete & view warehouses Add, edit, delete & view Brands Add, edit, delete & view Category Add, edit, delete & view units Auto Generate Backup

Multilingual : (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Italien , Turc , Indonesian , Chinese, Thaï, Russian , Hindi , Vietnamien . More will be added soon)

Export table contents to PDF or Excel

Mail notification system added for sales, Purchases, quotations, returns , Payments

Easy to install In 5 minute

Detailed Documentation

This project features a lot more like: Mail notification system addedd Uses Structured And Customizable Sass Code Integrated With Vuex,Vue Router Dark Version Included Multilingual 14 languages and More Will be added soon RTL Support Adeed Pure Vue Js ,No JQuery Clean And Organized Code Well Documented Code Standard Folder Stucture Easy POS and Dynamic dashboard 6 Months Support Life Time Free Updates And Many More Inside …

GYSTYLE Cosmetics Features
GYSTYLE Cosmetics Features

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©2023 - All rights reserved