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Edu Dynasty is a registered establishment with the aim of providing quality services to our prospective clients about travel/studying abroad. Furthermore, we provide professional services such as liaison with other educational sectors via policy recommendations to tackle educational problems, counseling students, assisting with admissions & visa application process, and accommodation. It was built using react, HTML, JS and PHP.

Services of EduDynasty


Prospective students might have troubles in making the right and informed decision regarding the lucrative course towards the right career path based on their acquired education / Skillset and would also have to go through the thoughts of which University would help aid the process of achieving their dreams.


As a foreigner preparing to travel and study in a new country, settling into the right accommodation is always a hassle and one is prone to making mistakes or signing wrong house contracts with dubious agents or house owners.Choosing the location for accommodation when not in the country or know the landmark could cost a prospective student more in the long run, as access to other places of your choice needs to be taken into consideration. Such as,
is your classroom close to the location?
Are you interested in engaging in some activities that you would prefer to be within your chosen accommodation?
Would you own a car or prefer a bus-stop easily accessible from your accommodation?

Health Insurance

Travel Insurance is one of the requirements by embassies for visa application for prospective travelers.Getting the right Travel insurance for travel or study abroad could sometimes be confusing.
Edu Dynasty is in partnership with several insurance companies to provide the best insurance package for your proposed trip.

English Proficiency exam & Registration

The English test have been one of the main requirements regarding study and migration as most countries, employers and institutions request the English test results to ascertain your level of English language.We facilitate your registration for exams Such as:
IELTS – The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers. It tests the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers.

Laws & Guidelines to protect Students

International students in foreign countries often neglect or are unaware of the laws that should be abided during their stay in that country. Furthermore, in future the above mentioned could have a negative impact on that student.If a student intends to remain in the country after studies, failure to abide by those laws during studies could lead to post-graduate work visa rejection.

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The project featured other enclosed modules for clients and admin which isn't contained here due to privacy agreements.

EduDynasty Services
EduDynasty Services

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©2023 - All rights reserved